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Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon
Saturday, September 16, 2017

Photos: © 2015 Glenn Tachiyama

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Saturday, September 16, 2017.
Race starts 8am, 10 hour cutoff - finish by 6pm.

Crystal Mountain, Washington [View Map/Get Directions].

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Results: 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Photos: By Glenn Tachiyama 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Online available on Ultra Signup.
Prices - 1/1-8/31: $85. 9/1-9/12: $95. Online closes 5pm PT 9/12.
Who's Coming? Registered Entrants
Sign up to Volunteer

Offline available via printable PDF application.
Prices - 1/1-8/31: $85. 9/1-9/12: $95. 9/13-9/16: $110 bring cash/check to race.
Pasta Dinner (Friday night): $20
BBQ (Saturday afternoon, 2-5pm): included with entry - show your bib number.
Spectators also can enjoy BBQ - $16.95 cash sales only.

Course Overview:
26 miles (42km) and 9401' (2865m) of climbing. Low point 2741' (835m). High point 6802' (2073m). Average elevation 5117' (1560m). The course includes approximately 24 miles (38.6km) of technical, mountainous single track trail and 2 miles (3.2km) of barely drivable dirt road. Max slope 44.1%, -49.4%. Ave slope 12.7%, -12.3% (650'/mile or 198m/mile). Trails are in the Silver Creek drainage, on US Forest Service Land, around the Crystal Mountain Ski Resort. There will be 4 aid stations featuring water, energy gel, electrolyte drink, fruit, and other snacks. View larger images here: Course Overlays | Course Profile

Course Description:

Start To Aid Station 1, Gondola:  
mile 0 to mile 3
-Uphill from the start for about 3 miles.
-Head up Kelley's Gap access road to base of Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn right up the new Green Valley trail, just before the ski lift loading ramp.
-Stay on Green Valley Trail till you reach the top of the Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn left over to Gondola and aid station 1

Aid Station 1, Gondola, to aid station 2, Sand Flats:  
mile 3 to 10
-Head back out towards Green Valley ski lift.
-Turn left on Snorting Elk rd./Crystal Mountain Trail
-Vier right on road,along Snorting Elk bowl, over to top of North Way ski lift.
-Follow ribbon down ridge and into North Way bowl.
-Follow ribbons down to old Crystal Mountain trail low in North Way bowl.
-Turn left onto trail, angling up above Brand X shoots and low on Morning Glory meadow.
-Follow trail and ribbons through Morning Glory over to drop into Meadows.
-Follow trail and ribbons several 100 yards to flat spot in meadow.
-Follow ribbons up meadow, 200 yards or so, up to Crystal Mountain trail.
-Turn right onto Crystal Mountain trail.
-Vier right down the North Way Trail, long descent.
-Stay straight onto North Way road, at bottom of trail descent.
-Turn left, over bridge, into the Sand Flats parking area.

Aid Station 2, Sand Flats, To Aid Station 3, Crystal Mountain Road:  
mile 10 to 14.5
-Head out on trail behind aid station
-Cross straight over Crystal Mountain Blvd, onto trail.
-Turn Right onto Gold Hill Rd.
-Turn Left onto Norse Peak trail.
-Turn Left onto Horse Camp trail.
-Turn right/straight onto old Crystal Mountain rd., through Horse Camp.
-After cabins come in view, turn left across Goat creek bridge.
-Stay left to trailhead up to Crystal Mountain access Rd.

Aid Station 3, Crystal Mt. Road, to Aid Station 4, Gondola:
mile14.5 to mile 21
-Cross Crystal Mountain Blvd. to trail markings.
-Follow ribbons and trail all the way up to clearing above Sand Flats.
-Stay Straight, heading back to the meadows/gondola, on Crystal Mtn. Trail.
-Vier left off Crystal Mountain trail, following ribbons back down into Meadow.
-Follow ribbons and trail back across Morning Glory meadow.
-Follow ribbons and trail back down into North Way bowl.
-Turn right, following ribbons, back up to the top of North Way ski lift.
-Follow road left/straight back over to Gondola top.

Aid Station 4, Gondola, to Finish:
Mile 21 to finish
-Turn left, under the Gondola, from aid station.
-Follow dirt road under Silver Queen/Crystal Peak.
-Turn Right/straight on Crystal Mountain Trail.
-Follow Crystal Mountain Trail past lakes.
-Turn Right up Bear Gap trail.
-At Bear Gap, turn hard left, onto Bear Gap trail down to Jim Town.
-Do not get on the PCT!!
-Turn right at Jim Town onto Gold Hill/Crystal Mountain trail, heading down.
-Cross under Gold Hill ski lift, following trail across ski run.
-Turn left down access road to day lodge/[parking area.
-Turn left and finish behind day lodge.

Crew Directions to Aid Stations:

Station 1 and 4, Gondola top:  Mile 3 and 21
-$30.00 special for multiple ride gondola pass for friends and family who mention the race. 

-You can catch both times through, if you skip aid station 3.  
Ride to top, ride down and head to aid station 2, then ride back up for aid station 4.  
*Bring your cow bells!!

Station 2, Sand Flats:  Mile 10
-Drive approximately 2 miles down Crystal Mountain Blvd. 
and turn left at the sign for "Sand Flats".  
Aid station is in the parking lot.

Station 3, Crystal Mountain Access Road: Mile 14.5
-Drive approximately 3.5 miles down Crystal Mountain Blvd.  
Aid station is at the Parking/pull out on the right.  
Limited parking, so please go to aid your runner only.  This keeps the crowd spread out.
-You may not make it back to give aid on the Gondola top, if you go to this aid station.  

Aid Station Amenitites:

Aid Stations:  
-Crew will have access to all aid stations.
-Full service at all aid stations, food, drink, light first aid, search and rescue, drop bags.

PBJ, Chips, Gu, variety of Fruit, crackers, snacks, potatoes and salt.

Water, Gu Brew

-PocketFuel at aid station 1 and 4
-Succeed Electrolyte supplements at all aid stations
-Vaseline, Sun Screen and ice available at all aid stations

Friday, September 15, 2017
Alpine Inn
3pm-8pm Pre Race Check-in
5pm-7pm Pasta Dinner
7pm-8pm Course Prelude and pre-race festivities

Saturday, September 16, 2017
6:45-7:45am Race Day Check-in at Crystal Mountain East Peak Plaza.
7:45am-7:55am Race Day Course Briefing at Crystal Mountain East Peak Plaza.
8:00am Race Start from Discovery Ski Lift.
3:30pm Approximate Cut Off at Aid Station 3.
2:00pm-5:00pm BBQ at Crystal Mountain East Peak Plaza.
5:00pm Awards at Crystal Mountain East Peak Plaza.
5:30pm Approximate Cut Off at Aid Station 4.
6:00pm Course Closes, last Gondola Ride Down.

Gondola ticket special:
-Ride all day for $30.00.
-Spectators, family and friends mention race at ticket window.

Spectator BBQ:
2:00pm-5:00pm, $16.95 cash sales only.
Pulled pork, or roasted veggie sandwich, potato salad, corn on cob, baked beans, and watermelon.
Beer cash sales also available.

Base Area:
Click for larger image.

Prize Purse:

Race Goodies:
-Technical race shirt
-Special finisher award
-Post-race BBQ
-Points in the Altra US Skyrunner® Series

Race Recommendations:
-Trekking poles are recommended.
-Supportive footwear with good traction.
-Plan to attend, and listen to, course briefing.
-Carry course description on race day.
-Count on it taking longer than you expect, each section.
-Carry extra food, water and basic gear, wind shirt, gloves, hat, for safety.
-Always be looking for course markings and directions, especially in the meadows from North Way bowl back to the Crystal Mountain trail and back. Lots of animal trails and very few people trails.
-Spot at least 4 volcanoes, 6 on a really clear day, through out the day.
-Please make sure to really watch the course markings, every step of the way.
-This is a serious alpine route and deserves the utmost respect!!

Race Rules:
1. Be respectful to all participants, race volunteers and other trail users.
2. Stay on trails, where evident. No cutting switchbacks.
3. Use flagging as directional guides, for your chosen route, on the off trail sections.
4. Please keep aid/support within 30 feet of the aid stations. No aid on dirt roads, etc.
5. No pacers for Prize recipients. To win money, or prizes, you must perform unaided, except where designated.
6. No littering on course.
7. 10 hour cutoff times will be enforced at aid station 3 and 4. 3:30 PM at station 3 and 5:30 PM at station 4. This is the last Gondola ride down and only way off the course.
8. Check in with your number at each aid station for search and rescue tracking.
9. Check out with race personnel when leaving the course

Directions to Crystal Mountain Sky Marathon:
From Seattle-
Take I-5 South. Take the I-405 North exit, exit 154A, towards Renton. Merge onto I-405 North. Take exit 4 onto WA-169 and go to Enumclaw. In Enumclaw, take a left onto WA-164 (Griffin Avenue) and then a left onto WA-410 East (Roosevelt Avenue). Drive 30+ miles on WA-410 East, continuing for about 2.5 miles after you see Forest Service Road #7160 (Buck Creek Road), which will be on your right. Go left onto Crystal Mountain Boulevard and take the 6-mile road all the way to the end at the top of the hill. The Alpine Inn, which is part of the Crystal Mountain Resort, will be on the right side of the main parking lot.

The official event hotel and race headquarters is Crystal Mountain Hotels (33818 Crystal Mountain Blvd., Crystal Mountain WA 98022; 888-754-6400; Please call or email today and inquire about the special reduced rate offered for race participants.

About Altra US Skyrunner® Series:
After the International Skyrunning Federation has brought some of the toughest alpine racing experiences to runners in recent years, 2014 was the start of the Altra US Skyrunner® Series. Consisting of races in three Skyrunning disciplines (Sky, Ultra and Vertical), the Series combines existing mountain races with new events created in the true spirit of Skyrunning. Find out more at US Skyrunning. SKY - races more than 22 km and less than 50 km long with at least 1,300m positive vertical climb (SkyRace® and SkyMarathon®) As Ian Sharman, the Director of the Altra US Skyrunner® Series states: "Ever since I first saw Skyrunning at Transvulcania, it captured my imagination with the audacity and beauty of the courses and sheer difficulty of the races. The events are some of the toughest around but leave runners wanting more, from the leaders to the back of the pack. So I'm really pumped and honored to bring the original Skyrunning concept to the US on a wider scale with some of the most exciting races around."

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Race Director: Scott McCoubrey
PO Box 6210, Ketchum ID 83340